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Open Letter To Clients Regarding Office Operation In Wake Of COVID19

Dear Valued Clients:

In accordance with Governor Wolf’s recent mandate calling for “non-essential” businesses to temporarily close, our physical office will be closed until further notice.  While we wholeheartedly disagree with Governor Wolf’s classification of our business as “non-essential”, we must comply with this order.


We would like to ensure you that although our physical doors will be closed, our business is still 100% operational and able to deliver the same level of service to you and your accounts.  This is a result of technology that we have been implementing for the previous few years.  We’d like to outline the “new” operation of our firm in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.  Understand that once the Governor’s orders are lifted, we will be fully operational in our physical location once again. 

First, we will still be able to receive phone calls at our main office line, (724) 437-3863.  When you dial in to that phone number, it will ring directly to Tammy’s cell phone.  This is because of a “cloud-based” phone system that we installed in our office last year.  If you have concerns or need to speak with us, we encourage you to continue using the same phone number to contact us.  If we receive a high level of calls, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. 

If you have an emergency during business hours, and must reach us immediately, please see the end of this letter for alternative phone numbers to contact.

Second, we are still able to access your account information and records digitally without the need to be in the office.  This is a result of a “cloud-based” digital storage system known as Docupace that we began implementing in 2017.  This digital filing system is offered to us by Royal Alliance Associates, Inc and is highly secure while backing up your data regularly.  We can retrieve your records and reports right from our computers at home as a result of this system.

While we are discussing the accessing of your accounts while working from home, we want to ensure you that our devices and  computer systems at home are as highly secure as at the office.  In 2019, we installed a program called Entreda on all our office systems and devices, as well as our staff’s devices.  [In fact, Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. required all their advisors and staff, across the entire country, to install this program on all their devices.]

Entreda encrypts hard drives and data while creating a “virtual private network” for us to operate on when we’re not in the office.  You can rest assured that your data is safe and only being accessed by those who need to access it (ie. The staff at Fields Financial Services and the regulators at Royal Alliances Assocaites, Inc. that oversee and supervise us).

Third, we can still handle all your paperwork needs.  While it’s certainly much easier to do paperwork in the office “face-to-face” with you, we are equipped with a digital system of pulling down and preparing paperwork for signature.  Should you have a need for a form to be signed, we can access that form online, prepare it for signature, and then forward it to you via email or regular mail, whichever you may prefer.

All forms, reports, and other sensitive email data will be sent to you via our encrypted e-mail system.  This system will require you to set up a username and password before you can download the encrypted message.   This is time-consuming but do understand this is for the protection of your sensitive data currently.

We know this temporary office arrangement will be different for all of us.  Over the years, we’ve come to view our conference room as the centerpiece of our relationship with you.  In that room, we’ve shared many laughs and tears.  We’ve helped hundreds of you navigate your retirement plans, financial needs and concerns.  We’ve watched your children and grandchildren grow up.  Operating without it isn’t just challenging; it’s different.

Our hope is that we quickly can move past this COVID19 mode of operation and get back to business as usual.  Until then, we will be working as hard as needed to ensure your accounts are maintained with he same level of service and care that we’ve been delivering to you for years.

We will be reaching out to many of you during this time, if we haven’t already spoke.  We encourage you to reach out to us at any time if you have concerns or need to speak with us.  Please continue to use the same phone number to reach us, however, should an emergency arise during business hours, please contact Ryan’s cell phone at (724) 437-3863. 

We hope that all of you stay safe during this trying time.  We will see you on the other side of this.  May God continue to bless all of us.


Randal C. Fields                                                            

Ryan S. Galiotto