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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, yet challenging.

For our still-working clients, it is to assist them to best prepare for a long and confident retirement.

For our retired clients, it is to assure that they enjoy the highest possible standard of living. A standard of living that brings about an income and savings that will be there when needed most, a dignity that comes from self-reliance, and when desired, providing a legacy to children, grandchildren, or to charitable organizations for which they are most passionate.

We use financial strategies to help pursue your financial goals yet get creative when necessary. We take the time to not only examine your financial circumstances, but to get to know you individually. We want to know not only your needs, but your desires and fears. Truly getting to know you allows us to go through the vast supply of financial products and services, toss out what is unnecessary and bring to you only what is the most relevant and most suitable financial products and services.

Our mission cannot be accomplished in a day or a week. This is because your plans take a lifetime to unfold. Further, life is rarely predictable. Therefore, we plan to be with you for as long as it takes and make the necessary adjustments to your services when needed. Some of our clients have been with us for over two decades and many for nearly that long. In a word, our client's have become "family".

If our mission seems to meet what you have been looking for in a financial advisor relationship, wont you please call us today. We would love to meet with you.