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Our Services

Wealth Management

  • Client portfolio construction and monitoring overseen by in-house investment council.
  • Risk-tolerance assessment.
  • Tax-efficient strategies.
  • Regular review meetings.
  • Monthly & Quarterly statements.
  • Secure, online account access.

Retirement Planning

  • Income planning.
  • Retirement goal establishment.
  • Social Security strategies.
  • Gifting strategies.
  • Withdrawal monitoring.
  • IRA and Roth IRA establishment.
  • Tax-efficient distribution strategies.

Financial Planning

  • Cash flow analysis.
  • Financial goal establishment.
  • Net worth calculation.
  • Debt reduction strategies.
  • Education planning.
  • Tax strategies.
  • Financial goal progress monitoring.
  • Regular in-depth financial plan reviews.

Risk Management

  • Life insurance analysis and implementation.
  • Annuities.
  • Property and casualty insurance analysis.
  • Estate plan recommendations and referrals.
  • Long-term care analysis.
  • Disability insurance analysis.
Investment Council

Investment Council

All client portfolios are constructed and monitored by our in-house investment council.  Our investment council is led by Senior Advisor Randal C. Fields.

Our investment council meets every Friday to review the current economic climate and our client portfolio holdings.

Our investment council helps ensure that our client portfolios are receiving the highest standard of fiduciary care.

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